Before and After Shave Cream

100mL - 3.3 FL. OZ.

A beauty treatment for men. Paraben free. With the fragrance notes of Melograno Eau de Cologne.

It can be used as:

Pre-shave: softens and prepares the skin for shaving, preventing wrinkles. Instructions: apply 2 to 3 minutes before shaving; rub into the skin thoroughly, then shave.

Shaving cream: its lubricating properties facilitate the movement of the razor on the skin, leaving it smooth and soft. Instructions: apply enough to soften the beard, then shave normally.

After shave: moisturizes and restores the protective coating which has been depleted during shaving. Instructions: apply after shaving.

100 mL - 3.38 FL.OZ.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Hillel Nossek

Before and After Shave Cream

David Purpi
Excellent Shave

I only use this product before shaving. No question I t helps you get the perfect close shave. No skin irritations just a smooth close and perfect shave. Expensive but really worth it. Highly tecommenfef

Marty Weiss
The best!

Perfect consistency and in every other way. I’ve tried many and none compare. Have been using it for several years

Luke Garner
Have always been a fan of this product for over ~10yrs now

My only issue is that it is very hard to find this product in Hong Kong now after a number of retail stores were closed (where I live)!

Connie Ratliffe

My husband loves it!

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