Room Fragrance Diffuser America

250 ml - 8.4 fl.oz.

I Profumi del Mondo - America

The room fragrance diffusers I Profumi del Mondo accompany us on a sensory journey around the Earth. Five continents, five fragrances, five olfactory nuances dictated by Mother Nature.

The colours of the Amazon jungle, the intense green of the rain forests of the Caribbean, fresh notes of mint and lime. North America in sweet maple syrup with its caramel-like taste, vanilla notes that soften into cinnamon.

TOP NOTES: lime, peppermint

HEART NOTES: biscuit, sweet mint

BASE NOTES: vanilla, caramel, cinnamon

Contains 8 wooden sticks.

Customer Reviews

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Ally Mikhaylova
Such a Disappointment

Our favorite Europa was sold out, and I took a chance on America. It is overly sweet and invasive. The freshness of lime has been fully overwhelmed by cinnamon and vanilla. Too much even for the garage

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