Eau de Cologne

100mL - 3.3 FL. OZ.

Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella’s Vaniglia fragrance has a warm, sweet, single oriental note. Vanilla is a species of the orchid family and is native to Central America. The scent of vanilla generates a relaxing sensation, releasing tension and eliciting well-being. It was attributed with aphrodisiac properties in ancient times. The Aztecs made a beverage with cacao and vanilla (“tlixochill” or black bean) that they drank in large quantities. It was a sort of precursor to modern hot chocolate. Legend tells us that Montezuma offered Hernan Cortes a fragrant drink with an unusual taste: it was a chocolate drink spiced with vanilla. Cortes brought cacao to Spain in 1500, and from there it spread throughout all Europe.

100 mL - 3.3 FL.OZ.

Fragrance Notes: Single soft oriental Vanilla



Customer Reviews

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Beautiful vanilla.

This is an incredibly unique vanilla fragrance. Not super sweet like many other vanillas on the market, but instead deep and spicy and dark. Ever so slightly powdery and stays close to the wearer like an aura. Beautiful!

Pamela Lawhon

Visited perfumery after reading it was started in the 1600s by monks. So unique and special!

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