Shaving Foam

200 ml - 6.7 fl.oz.

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The Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella Shaving Foam is a soft caress that revitalises facial skin. With a special formula based on natural ingredients, it helps keep the skin perfectly hydrated and prevents irritation caused by shaving.
Now enriched with olive and coconut oil, it will delight you with the energy of its fragrance with notes of Tabacco Toscano Eau de Cologne.

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Shaving Foam Skin Care Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella - US

Shaving Foam

Regular price $28.00
Sale price $28.00

Customer Reviews

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Adam Fischman
Don't Fix What Wasn't Broken

Smaller Bottle for Same Price... Love this product but a poor business decision to repackage the product in a smaller can, offering less shaving cream, but keeping the same price. Don't fix what wasn't broken.

Peter Ren
Always bellissimo!

The products are classics that have rightfully stood the test of time and earned their reputation, but tje service - especially Ladislas - makes me love shopping with SMN. I would love to visit to store in Florence every time but this is the next best thing.

Jay Garbose
Very Excellent Shave Foam

Been using this very pleasant foam for years that lubricates and soothes while great smelling. Concerning, it has been re-packaged and is now 1/3 less in volume while maintaining the same price. Went from 300 ml. to 200 ml. for $28. Will still use it...but happily still have 2 backups in my "inventory" at the old size.

Keith Parker
Shaving Foam

A seemingly merely pleasant gift that has brightened a boring five minutes of each day with the most delightful shaving ingredient I've ever come across.
Highly recommended and very long-lasting.
I am re-ordering prior to writing this.

Ron Chavez
Best Shave Ever

Ever since I started using SMN shave foam it’s a new pleasurable experience to shave everyday the soft foam with a scent every man would enjoy. I just love it. Give it a try.