Pot Pourri in Ceramic Vase

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Crafted and hand-painted using natural dyes by the Montelupo Fiorentino master ceramists, Pot Pourri Albarello contains the precious pot pourri blend. It spreads the gentle breeze of Tuscany throughout your home. Albarello is the jar used in ancient pharmacies and mentioned in a document of the Santa Maria Novella convent and dated 1508. Read more
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Pot Pourri in Ceramic Vase

Regular price $132.00
Sale price $132.00

how to use

The pot pourri blend is crafted following an ancient tradition faithfully preserved in our laboratories for over three centuries. The berries, roots, petals, and flowers from the authentic Tuscan scrub create a unique olfactory scenario.
Contains 200 grams of pot pourri.

Ø 11,5 cm, H 17 cm


Remove the lid and carefully place the pot pourri inside the jar. To revive the scent, stir occasionally. When the scent fades, mix with new pot pourri.

Customer Reviews

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This is an incredible treasure!

I had to visit SM Novella on my first trip to Florence. It was transcendent to say the least.
This potpourri is going to be a wonderful remembrance of my first trip to Italy

Jennifer Howard
Love love love it 😍

Such a unique smell. It gets better every day and my house smells clean and fresh

Ira-Joël Sartorius SARTORIUS

When I remove the cap from the exquisite Santa Maria Novella ceramic container, an indescribable scent pours forth. It makes me happy. The smell braces, revives and is unforgettable. Good news: when the scent diminishes, I can buy more pot pourri. Grazie mille!

christer voigt
Pot Pourri

The vase is just wonderful and well made, has its natural place in my home, and the Pot Pourri makes my house feeling fresh. Love it!

elayne garofolo
exceeded expectations

great packaging